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**This listing is for a mystery pack, which includes 5 random cards (3 friend cards, 1 snack card, 1 stuff card)**

Tradey Cardy is a trading card game where you can play as your favorite characters from cartoons, games, and books! There are 35 cards in total to collect, and they measure 2.2" x 3.25" each.

The simple game of Tradey Cardy is playable with a minimum of 10 cards (5 for each player). Here are the rules, which are also included on the back of the wrapper sheet on each pack:

"Tradey Cardy is a simple cooperative game in which you and your partner work as a team to form FRIENDSHIPS! To start, both players choose a hand that consists of 3 Friend Cards, 1-3 Snack Cards, and 1-3 Stuff Cards (the more Snack & Stuff Cards you have, the easier the game is). Both players then lay their Friend Cards face-up on the table and work together to make compatible matches! To form a FRIENDSHIP between 2 Friend Cards, both characters must have Friendship stats that are EQUAL and Strength stats that collectively add up to 10 OR MORE. Players may augment their characters’ Frienship & Strength stats by using Snack & Stuff Cards. There is no limit on how many Snacks/Stuffs you can play on top of a single Friend Card. After you’ve made as many FRIENDSHIPS as possible, check your results below:

0 FRIENDSHIPS: Sorry, you lose.
1 FRIENDSHIP: You win!
2 FRIENDSHIPS: Whoa, a double win!
3 FRIENDSHIPS: A perfect win!!"