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The New Arcana is a whimsical take on the traditional tarot card deck, featuring an original set of 27 cards, each with bespoke meanings and illustrations. The deck comes with a custom-printed box, a 2.4" diecut sticker, and an instruction booklet containing all you need to know about readings and card meanings, so you can predict your future in uncertain times.

I. The Fortune Teller
II. The Empty Bottle
III. The Relic
IV. The Black And White Dog
V. The Last Slice
VI. The Crane (bird)
VII. The Chariot
VIII. The Limp Noodle
IX. The Maze
X. The Lonely Sock
XI. The Lucky Cat
XII. The Snake Plant
XIII. The Vegan Doughnut
XIV. The Mirror
XV. The Devil
XVI. The Tower
XVII. The Crane (machine)
XVIII. The Moon
XIX. The Passport
XX. The Key
XXI. The Third Eye
XXII. The New Arcana
XXIII. The Giant
XXIV. The Next Dimension
XXV. The Mysterious Stew
XXVI. The Bus
XXVII. The Credits

A few of the cards are taken from the classic 22 Major Arcana of traditional tarot decks (VII, XV, XVI, XVIII), while the rest are new ideas.