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The THINGS WE ATE series of food zines include Brazil, Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan editions. Each zine is 16 pages long and features our favorite / most memorable food experiences while traveling! Pages are printed on Mohawk Superfine paper, with washi tape spines. Each zine measures 4"x6" and is put together by hand, with care.

This listing is for the 4-zine bundle, including each of the zines below:

Brazil Editions foods: Beiju, Goibada, Guarana, Chopp, Pao de queijo, Churrasco, Bob's Burgers, Bolinhos, Mystery beach prawns, Caipirinha, Torresmo, Feijoada

Taiwan Edition foods: Pineapple cake, Pork chop rice, Bubble tea, Goose, Oyster omelette, Wax apple, Plum vinegar, Sesame noodles, Beef noodle soup, Egg tart, Custard apple, Chinese pudding, Rice noodle soup with pork sauce

Singapore Edition foods: Nasi padang, Carrot cake, Rambutan, Bak kwa, Dosa, Curry puff, Chicken rice, Bak kut teh, Pineapple tarts, Laksa, Otah, Mango lassi, Roti prata

Japan Edition foods: Sushi, Yakisoba, Taiyaki, Okonomiyaki, Kit Kats, Nikujaga, Onigiri, Highball, Omurice, Curry, Takoyaki, Matcha

Brazil, Singapore, and Japan Editions: Written by Allistair Johnson, Illustrated by Debbie Fong
Taiwan Edition: Written & Illustrated by Debbie Fong